Welcome to BoltActionPen.com

Deer Antler Bolt Action Pen.

Deer Antler Bolt Action Pen.

Welcome to BoltActionPen.com

Local deer antler Bolt Action Pen made by carefully selecting the piece of antler to include the color and texture of the antler into a thumb recess. Finished with multi-layered sealant to protect the natural beauty. I can make it from your antlers or mine.

This completely original and irresistibly fun Bolt Action pen will be hard for any hunting or target-shooting enthusiast to put down. Every detail, from the one of a kind bolt action mechanism to the precision engineered components, was carefully designed to ensure uniqueness and reliability. The realistic bolt-action handle advances and retracts to securely lock the refill in place. Includes a bolt action rifle clip and a replica 30 caliber cartridge and rose gold bullet tip for added authenticity.

To view images of my work, please click on the link to my gallery.

To order my custom pens or any of my other products, phone me at 1-250-219-0671 or contact me using the comment function on the bottom of this page .

Thank you.

Janice Dagasso

5 thoughts on “Welcome to BoltActionPen.com

  1. Were you at the 2 day show at the HACS show. If so I would like to talk to you about having a couple fountain pens made. I bought a couple of yours and now have my Dad and brother jealous.

    1. Hello Sylvan Bader,

      Sorry, No, it wasn’t me as I have only been to one day shows so far this year. I will be at the Dawson Creek BC Gun Show on April 5th and 6th. I would be willing to custom make you some fountain pens if you can’t find the other person you bought yours from. I do have a couple of different styles of fountain pen kits in stock. Please feel free to call me 1-250-219-0671. Have a great day! Janice Dagasso

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